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On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Maurice Sand, son of George Sand, we have organised a temporary exhibition in cell no. 2.
Sand, we have organised a temporary exhibition in Cell No. 2 to showcase the life and work of this artist the life and work of this artist – not yet widely recognised – who came to Majorca at the age of fifteen who came to Mallorca at the age of fifteen by the hand of his mother.

Visitors will be able to see original editions of some of his publications:

– Le monde des papillons: promenade à travers les champs. Paris, 1867.
– The History of the Arlequinade. London, 1915 (first English edition of the translation of the translation of Masques et Bouffons: comédie italienne. Paris, 1860).
– Légendes Rustiques. Paris, 1858.
. His novel Mademoiselle de Cérignan, Paris, 1874.
– An unpublished watercolour from his first artist’s studio in Paris.
– A handwritten letter from 1840 addressed to his sister Solange.
– Numerous characters from a small theatre created by Maurice for his sister to play with during her stay in Valldemossa.
– The engraving that was used to illustrate George Sand’s novel Spiridion
finished by the writer during her stay at the Charterhouse.

Visitors will also be able to admire, among others, the portrait of Maurice Sand
by Eugène Delacroix and the Album containing 150 drawings and watercolours of the trip to Majorca from the trip to Majorca (1839-1839), which are on permanent display exhibition.